Weeping Willow

October 19, 2012
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The Willow; He is tall and mighty-

No storm nor disaster has successfully overthrown him.

He stands tall- taller than we.

His height gives him the advantage of seeing over all,

His strength guaranteeing that he will never fall.

The Willow; He grows-

He grows on time that is slowed-

Stuck in a fast paced world- watching over us as we become old.

He sees- He knows-

We deny the things that we’ve been taught and told-

Instead- we tell lie after lie…

In this act of foolishness- we created a path fit for disaster.

In which we were gullible enough to follow.

Stepping farther from what is right- agreeing to what is wrong.

And for each agreement- each sin-

A tear- the willow- must weep

The Willow; He is wise-

He whispers words of wisdom to us.

The wind carries them- past our ears.

He tells us of our world-

He sees a caldron of hatred and sin-


Boiling beneath him-

Ready to unleash a wicked spell upon our lives.

He reminds us-

For each act of hatred- for each bad deed-

Another tear- he must weep.

There lies a pool of tears- accumulating below him…

A pool of our creation- in which we will all eventually drown.

He warned us- change must claim our lives-

We had a choice-

We decided-

And for that mistake-

Another tear the willow wept.

The Willow; He worries.

He worries for us.

For the greed and misfortune we are now embedded in-

He watches as we dig this hole- Deeper-

Deeper with no way to escape from ourselves.

For this- The willow dwells-

And the poor old willow- He weeps.

This grave we have dug for ourselves eventually floods-

Filling with the willows tears.

He tries to help us-

He pleads-that we grab onto his branches-

And hold on for dear life-

Yet we still refuse-
Instead choosing to continue on our journey down a man-made path-
leading to chaos and solitude- The end of all.

This is the last naïve act that the Weeping old willow can bare…

The Willow; He is tired.

Tired of providing guidance no one appreciates-

Tired of showing kindness to people who are inconsiderate-

Tired of Whispering wisdom to people who won’t listen-

Tired of living a life that’s main purpose has been pummeled.

The willow; He has given up on us.

He says his goodbyes as he plummets towards the ground on which we stand-

Shaking a bit of reality into each and every one of us.

Shaking- and quaking- the earth beneath our feet.

This- Was his last appearance alive.

The tall- mighty willow- died on that day.

With no more words of wisdom left to whisper.

No more Guidelines to give.

With no more pity to provide.

With not one more tear left to cry- for us.

Only- for his wasted time-

The Willow;

He will Weep-


For the rest of eternity.

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