Come Home to Me

October 18, 2012
By sassels07 BRONZE, Durango, Colorado
sassels07 BRONZE, Durango, Colorado
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'Never drive faster than your guardian angel can fly'

The touch of his soft voice
Fills my ears with a heavenly song of laughter and simplicity
Hands rough and worn
He caresses my tender cheekbone

Breath like mist
And a heartbeat stronger than the Pacific Tide
He holds me close to his bare chest
Promising to keep his word
That after the first snowfall, he would come home to me

Promising after the world’s anger has diminished,
He would sail to my heart

Laughter, summer love, and stardust will fill my memories
It will bring me back to this moment
The moment where the sun and moon are inseparable
And where friendship and company hold the truest forms of love

Months that feel like years pass through the red, yellow, and orange shimmer of leaves
It’s getting colder…lonelier
I long for his soft voice, his rough hands, and his innocent laughter

Everything soon freezes to ice
The branches, the rocks, the ground
“Come home to me,” I whisper

I look up to the cloudy sky
There is no visible sun, no visible touch
And as I watch the fall of the first snowflake of winter…
A slow tear rolls down my tender cheekbone

His soft hands are in my long hair and around my waist
Candy kisses and elation fill the air
Hazel eyes and warmth envelope my skin

But now the ocean that I call his heartbeat
Are drowned by my hysterical sobs
I lie down against the cool window pane
And continue to watch the snowfall
My heart is shattered into small pieces of cold ice
Please my Marine, come home to me.

The author's comments:
I felt inspired to write something about my boyfriend Joey, because although we are very happy together, he is not always physically there with I wanted to give readers the feeling of what it's truly like to feel happy but lonely at once.

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