In The True Man's Mind

October 17, 2012
By Miranda Mason BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Miranda Mason BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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Who has seen something so perfect
Or so unbelievably amazing
And saw it try to be correct
And you can't help yourself gazing

Upon this creature we see
A beauty that it unreal
A soul that is soaring free
And its eyes say what it can feel

Who or what is this creature
Why is it so breathe taking
Maybe its, its best feature
That leaves me shaking

She is a woman that attacks my heart
With her personality and charm
She is and will always be my sweetheart
Who I will never ever harm

She is my world
She is my life
She appears in my dream world
And I hope that she'll be my wife

I love her this much
Forever and always
I want her touch
And with her I want to be runaways

This is how I feel
And for her I will live life

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