As Long As I Can

October 17, 2012
Mama said I was 3, going on 30,
Daddy said I was just an old soul,
The whole wide world was staring at me,
anxiously waiting, to swallow me whole.
I didn’t much care, for being a kid,
I wanted to grow up right away,
Wanted to get a job in the city, and a house of my own,
the world expected me to go out and play.
Slowly but surely, the years started gaining on me,
and I didn’t notice as the world shifted focus,
and I was all grown up suddenly....
And now I am 16, going on 60,
so close to the dreams I once loved,
but now I wanna stay in Daddy’s arms forever,
I don’t want Mama to let go of my hand.
I wanna stay in this house, in this little town,
I wanna stay here as long as I can.....

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