October 17, 2012
By Xoxo-Flow BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
Xoxo-Flow BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Why Does Notebook Have All The Answers?
It Was Cursed With A Disease, Something Worse Than Cancer
People Get Judged On Their Looks Instead Of Their Hearts
Thats Why The World Is Falling Apart
Noone Ever Listens Anymore..Not Even When You Do Something Good
Sat In The Dark, Put Your Headphones In Like Any Teenager Would
You're Yelling Back And Forth And Then Tears Start Too Shed
You Thought You'll Never Cry Out Loud..Only Too The Pillows On Your Bed
You Dont Speak At All And You Wear All Black
Your Covered Up Your Arms..Just Until Your Skin Heals Back
Music Is Your Only Escape..But Noone Else Listens..
You Speak All The Time But The Truth Is Always Missing
Everyone Wants Answers To Why You Feel Alone
Why You Put Your Headphones In And Find Your Own Little Zone
But Noone Really Cares..And They Dont Really Know
That The Old You Has Killed Itself , And The New You Is Alone..
So Why Does Notebook Have All The Answers?
..Because It Was Cursed With A Disease..Much Worse Than Cancer.

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