October 17, 2012
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The sun was setting behind me casting vibrant colours across the waters. Orange, red, and light hues of purple reflected off the water and on to my legs. I swung my legs off the dock and into the lake. Only my toes were covered by the sun warmed water. The wind blows past me, greeting me like an old friend. It caresses my face and gently blows the hair off my shoulders I shiver slightly, my skin breaking out in gooseflesh. I close my eyes and smile taking in a deep breath to relish the moment and smell nothing but fall. The chill of the night is creeping across the water as the sun says its final goodbye for the day. It seems to say good morning to the moon and all the stars as they switch places in the sky. Light whips of orange and red fade to lighter shades of pink and eventually to turn to black. The chill of the night has official set it, and it warms my body. Every inch of my skin is hypersensitive and each lick of the wind sends me reeling. Chills shake my body as I shiver; the tank top and shorts no long appropriate. I remove my feet from the water to stand. Light footsteps fall on the deck behind me. I am greeted by big, warm hands lightly grasping my upper arms and sending more Goosebumps over my skin. My smile widened as I leaned back into a warm embrace and rested against the body that held me so closely. He kissed the top of my shoulder before resting his head atop mine. We stood in silence for a moment, enjoying the beautiful night before us. And I was… happy.

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