October 17, 2012
By kalielise123 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
kalielise123 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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If i had to choose breathing or lovig you i would use my last breathe to say... I love you

Swifting around on wooden floors
Falling but no one cares
Acting like little wild bears
Flying high
Or atleast it feels like so
the reg teen music
making you want to stay there
for your whole life
little run down games in the corner
waisting only a quarter for a
tiny piece of candy
says the girl named mandy
swirling on the dance floor
going around in a circle
like shape
some people cut
to think they go fast as a breeze
but when u fall down it feels like a sting from a bee
feeling the wind
but then suddenly you hit your sorry little chin
is the place I’d like to be

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