October 17, 2012
By Anonymous

I know it, I can feel it, but I can't see
I can still feel his hands over me
His hands holding on my wrist
I never knew there might be days like this
I said: "I would never let you go"
I can't let our love freeze under the snow
But he said: "you have to stay strong"
"Just keep me in your heart and carry on"
"It's the end....this is goodbye"
"But don't let our love die"
''I have to go, but you have to dream on'' he says
"You will be saved from these titanic days"
'' I will wait for you in paradise"
"But for now ...goodbye"
He said: "I love you" as his body sank
To the bottom of the sea
But he left his heart with me
And now he only exists in my memory

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