the crow

October 17, 2012
By kalielise123 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
kalielise123 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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The black feathers in the snow
It’s like ice then you see a little a little spark of black somewhere in there to represent the darkness
Big and bold in the snow so it can seem powerful
But behind all that big boldness is a little scared tweety bird
Looking for a way out, but it wants to stay in that big bold body
To be proud of whom it is, or what it is overtop
Cawing night and day through the cold winds
And in the night at the midnight blue sky
Trying to howl with the wolfes but cawling instead
It dives down into the snow
It can feel the cold pain inside its little frozen heart
It looks to the left, it can smell something
He then spots it, it’s a little worm struggling in the snow
he crawls up behind it…
it goes to bite but looks in the worms eyes
he cant do it, he feels sorrow when he looks in the worms eyes
he flys away, the worm is taking breathes of joy every second
hes up in a maple tree thinking to himself
teardrops running down his freezing cheek, the teardrops are freezing on its face
he says to himself in a quiet manner
I am a mighty crow and the real tweety bird is coming out tonight!

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