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Walking down another empty hallway,
looking left and looking right,
the silence it kills my heart,
because it feels so loud.

Everywhere I go I see their faces,
I look away not wanting to look into their eyes,
not wanting to see the hatred,
not wanting to cry.

They start to whisper names in my ears,
but still the hall is empty,
I keep walking and then i see him there,
the cop who has come to escort me home.

As I sit in the back of a car that is so cold,
the voices get louder,
but instead of hatred its laughter,
they are laughing at me.

As he brings me inside my home and sits me down right outside,
he say two words that told me why i am here,
" I'm sorry" those two words sent me over the edge,
I ripped the cops arms off me and ran inside.

The voices are louder laughing at my sorrows,
I run into the house ignoring the cops calls,
run to her room running down the hall,
I turn to see her body her soul already gone.

And then for once the voices quieted down,
slowly i walked over to her not believing what i saw,
I knelt down grabbing her cold hands,
and then they came the tears overflowing my face.

She was so cold her eyes wide open,
I stared at them wishing she will speak,
I break down unable to scream,
I cant do anything the tears wont let me.

I start to hear the voices of the cops,
they come and try to take her away,
I start to wail I cant let her leave,
But the tears smother out my screams.

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