Where I'm From ( as a reader)

October 17, 2012
By Sami Shaik BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
Sami Shaik BRONZE, Coppell, Texas
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Reading was a joy.
When I held my first book.
I’m from the sea of adventure to the bowels of the Earth.
I’m from the clear skies to the endless void.
I’m from the realm of Zeus to the realm of Hades.
I’m from books that take me to places
and give me the feel of adventure.

I’m from Dr. Seuss where he serves his green eggs
and ham,
from the Lorax who speaks for the trees.
I’m from Eiichiro Oda where adventure and glory never end.
I’m from the J.K Raowling where the
Prisoner of Azkaban flees from confinement,
from the Deathly Hallows where Harry Potter faces death.

Reading never ended where,
I’m from witch craft and wizardry where spells
and riding on a broomstick never gets old.
I’m from Syfy and Fantasy
where imagination never ends.
I’m from the horror and the thrillers
where nothing can keep a secret,
from the murderers and the mystery
where they turn to a dead end.
I’m from comedy and adventure
where there’s never ending excitement.
Reading is still a joy even in the most
depressing times.

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