Where I'm From

October 17, 2012
By Anonymous

Where I’m From
I am from OC PE
To dreaming to be an Olympian
I’m from Pokémon cards
To Silly Bandz
Watching Dora the Explorer
And saying Swiper no swiping
Doing flips for fun
To breaking a collarbone on a swing

I am from my sister’s cooking
Lemon berry tarts and pies so tasty
I am from mom made cooking
Like pancakes, crepes, and hash browns
Eating lots of rolls at Thanksgiving
When eating means stealing
From Halloween and getting sick
And Christmas joy with lots of presents

From taking care of a 67-year-old pet
With cancer, blindness, and deafness
A very scared cat that runs from my dad
To a very big lizard that I take care
Of and play with
And a dead dog that left when I was young
2 beta fish that my sister own
All of my pet have a special room in my heart
But for the dead an even more special place

From going to a 3 hour softball game with my sister
In the coolest thing called a motor-home
I’m from going camping in our RV
Fishing In a lake and never catching anything
To going quad riding with my brother
In the back of my room an old 22
That has sat there forever but untouched by time

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