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October 17, 2012
By kalielise123 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
kalielise123 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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If i had to choose breathing or lovig you i would use my last breathe to say... I love you

Yes I do
3 words.
3 strong powering words
3 words that are your whole life
The words that mean everything and say everything
But do nothing
My marriage, happening right now
My heat racing and sweating like a nervous pig about to be slaughtered
Waiting for it to be over waiting for the time where I can sit down
I can take a break
But I knew in my heart it was my happily ever after so if I walked away to sit down
It would all be over
Standing there losing my patience but looking in his eyes
When I look in his eyes I would stand there 365 days
Then suddenly he leans in to kiss me
I knew that when he kissed me we were together making promises
And being each other’s best friend
He leaned over I scooted back not because I didn’t want him to kiss me
But I was scared where my life was going to go
Then he whispered to me I love you
Great another 3 words
He grasped my hang tightly and kissed me there I was falling in love with that man every second

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