Religion is just a fraud

October 9, 2012
I am not an atheist
I am just a rationalist.
I am not a r*****
I just want to be an influential bard.

Religion is where the world is flat
Where you can wash off your sins by taking a sea-bath.
The world is full of evil,the world is full of dark.
So tell me,where the hell is Noah's Ark?

Religion is that which compels thousands to flock to catch a glimpse of the Pope.
In order to realize a false glimmer of hope.
Religion is that which man has misinterpreted.
And the demon has counterfeited.

Religion states that woman was created of man's spare limb.
Such rubbish should be thrown in its rightful place,the dustbin.
Religion proclaims that when the husband dies,the wife dies.
Religion is where blatant truths are hidden as true lies.

Religion compels people to pay taxes for constructing places of worship
Unaware that behind their back,they are actually making warships.
Religion is that which creates terrorists from men
Who believe that genocide ensures a direct ticket to heaven.

The truth is, God created Man
Man created God.
It matters what you believe in,not what you fathom.
Religion is just a fraud.

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SameerSRK said...
Oct. 29, 2012 at 12:53 pm
A really hard-hitting, in your face poem!!.....all i can say is, Oh my god!!!!......i
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