October 9, 2012
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It’s like when you snap back into reality
But it doesn’t seem real.
Like I’m singing a lullaby
But the slightest twitch,
And I am falling, landing in a field,
Filled with sunshine, and dandelions.
I never saw them as a weed,
They are survivors,
And fighters,
They are beautifully strong.
Then one day, one breath of air,
One light gust of wind.
And they fly away free,
So very free.
I want to be like that dandelion.
To fly away free.

But it begins to rain
The sound of drums slowly beating,
My beautiful dandelion dreams have disappeared.
The suns edges barely shine through
A great torment of billowing storm clouds,
Rising high above my head.
Endless black.
Rolling in.
The thunder is as loud as my screams.
The lightning as jagged as my thoughts.
I watch in wonder.
As the rain pours down
Upon my head.
Bringing cold and wet.
But slowly releasing, and washing away,
The grime of sorrow from the pores of my skin.

But it is replaced
With a fresh sadness.
As I watch those clouds.
And forever crying.
I want to cry for them,
Shed tears that I save to cry for others.
Never giving myself the release.
But a crash of thunder, a deep breath,

I’m in reality.
Clouds don’t feel
They aren’t alive,
This is what I know
But my heart tells me otherwise.
My heart says the lightning dances with such grace.
The thunder booms within my ears the melody the lightning dances to.
An orchestra of sound.
So in my mind,
I know, they are not alive
And never shall be.
But in my heart,
I see the proof
Of the music’s harmony.

But once again,
I’m sucked back
Into reality.
As the thunder calms
The lightning stops
And the rain departs from me.
Yet moments pass
And I still see,
East to west.
Suddenly they fly away,
And my heart understands defeat.

I wait to see my sun,
So I can reach my dandelion dreams.
But the moon is rising high above,
And stars grow, and come forward,
Forever twinkling.
I look upon them in my mind, a memory of a story once told.
Second star to the right,
A dream I learned to believe.
To be a child forever,
To laugh, and sing, and play.
To never wonder if ever,
The day may come to be taken away.
It’s a complete paradise,
Not one thing to worry about.

But with a howl breaking the night,
I wake up into reality.
The stars,
Oh how they shine.
Willing to guide me home…
But those stars like startled glass,
Begin to fall, breaking grasp.
So many shooting stars.
The sounds of angels singing.
I want to know,
But even so,
Those flying stars will pass.
In days.
In months.
In centuries told.
For me to learn again to


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