October 8, 2012
Your mouth
Close it
I mean honestly
You cant be serious
Its ridiculous
The things you say
When will somebody finally
Get it through your thick skull
Its not okay
Everyone around you has their own story
Has gone through their own hardships
Things you cant even imagine
And when you make jokes about it
It makes them want to crumble
Your ignorance
It truly disgusts me
Suicide and cutting is not stupidity
It is not something to joke about
It is serious
Every day
People take their own lives
Because they cant do it
They cant get through it
You think your funny
You say these things with a smile on your face
When will you see
That they things you say
That’s true stupidity
This is not something to joke about
People don’t have depression for attention
Maybe they have a screwed up life
Or were born with it
Taking a razor to your own skin
And watching your blood spill
Please tell me
Whats humorous about that
You are so ignorant to what
Reality is like
Some people aren’t strong enough
Some people don’t know what else to do
What you see as stupidity
I see as desperation
Some way to escape
So stop talking
You don’t know what your saying
Open your eyes
And realize
Your wrong
I don’t know what it will take for you to understand
Maybe you will always be in a cloud of ignorance
But for others sakes
Not yours
I hope someday you can truly open your eyes
Until then all I have to say is goodbye.

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