Three worlds fall apart

October 8, 2012
By alicabrera SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
alicabrera SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
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Take another shot
And drink it down
Raise your glass up high
Cause its all goin down
Hill from here

Little girl in her small town world
No one ever told itd be hard from here
On out it was rough
She didn’t know what to do

16 year old beauty queen
Falling for the senior on the football team
Gave up all she had
Way to fast

Broken hearted boy wishin for it to end
All of the pain that was beaten in
Tears of blood drippin down
No one could save him in this town

All three so different
Yet they were the same
Heart break
Or the pain
They wanted it to end
So one of them held a gun to their head

Later that night at the football game,
They lowered their heads and began to pray
To that 16 year old girl
Whos no longer in this world
Varisty captain of that football team
Cried more tears heavier than a stream
He regrets the past
He wished to take it back

6 days later
On a warm Sunday
Everyone went to church
And started to pray
For the girl with nothing left
She starved to death
They didn’t know it
Cause she smiled all the time
But that little girl had no money left
Neither did she have time
She never spoke up
And so she turned to dust

1 month later on the evening news
Small town boy whos been abused
Finally ended it all
he jumped and knew hed fall
His daddys all torn up
Hes a mess
So he drinks himself to death
Cause his little boy died
Because he almost took his life

Each story tragic
Oh so sad
We all wish we can take things back
But sometimes we cant
And life sets its paths
No one wishes
For someones pain to end
Cause most the time its hidden until their dead
So lets all sit down
And look around this town
No ones the same
Yet were so alike
We need to change fast
Before another innocent soul
Decides to take their life.

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