Never Enough

October 4, 2012
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Never will.
You can't fail.
Gotta think
Gotta think
Gotta think
Be there
Be here
Change directions
Follow the crowd
Be normal
Different is overrated
They won't love you
They never will
How could they?
Look at you
Screw up
It's what you are
Never going to succeed
Why bother?
You'll never be like her or him
They'll never be happy
Why would they be?
What do you have to show?
Empty handed
Nothing to give
Nothing to take
No college
To much to take in
The struggles pull you down
Heart slowing
Mind fuzzy
Stay up
Stay awake
You gotta pull through
Need to prove them wrong
Prove every single one wrong
You can do this
Wait no
No you can't
They scream
They shout
You're worthless
You're nothing
They never worried about you
They never cared
Someone else was the one
The one the cared for
Worried for
You, well you're just....
That's all, nothing special
Nobody amazing
Why would anyone pick you?
You're not pretty enough
You're not skinny enough
You're not smart enough
You're not wise enough
You're not talented enough
Never enough!
You never will be...
You can't stop the tears
Crying behind closed doors
Just like before
No one will hear you
No one will see you
The invisible girl
You hide
And hide
Until no one can find you
But who's even looking?
Who even cares
You fail over and over again
Who helps you
You can take care of yourself
No one's ever been there to take care of you
Why would people start now?
You thought a few were different
But no
They're all the same
Nobody cares
You're stupid
A sl*t
A w****
Everything they say is it true?
Is it the real you?
No one will ever know
You won't tell anyone
You can't
Let them think what they want
No one can know the truth
Pull it together
Don't let your emotions slip through
Just hide
It's the only thing you're good at

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