The Sculptor

October 14, 2012
The sculptor holds a piece of clay in his hand, and imagines the potential. He envisions how he’ll make this little ball of clay into a masterpiece. He continues to fathom how he will mold the clay, piece by piece, to create a work of art. He carefully considers his next move. He caresses the clay and starts to shape it.

The sculptor begins. The clay transforms from a shapeless mound to a perfect form. However, he is far from finished. The clay still must be prepared for the next step. His hands are dirty and he is exhausted, but he must not stop. It is impossible for him to take his eyes off his project until it is complete.
The sculptor carefully places the clay form in the kiln. He shuts the oven door, but reopens it to peek his head in one last time just to make sure it’s safe. He anxiously waits for it to be ready, constantly monitoring it.

At last, the clay has morphed into its next stage of development, bisque. At this time, the sculptor must chisel out all of the mistakes, straighten the sides, and fix the edges. As he applies the final touches to his most precious gift to the world, he paints and glazes it to look beautiful.
The sculptor wants everyone to be awestruck by his creation. He thinks it is finally finished.
In the end, he looks on at the piece of art he forged with his bare hands. He surveys the finished product and cracks a smile. He beams with pride.

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