October 14, 2012
By MiloBloom BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
MiloBloom BRONZE, Madison, Wisconsin
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Walking along at a quarter till dawn

I drift and I snore

while the sun shines beside me

the moon is still sett

the sun rising at will

it feels the ache of the morning I know

when i got out of my bed

this morning at six

I contemplated a lot

whether or not

to let myself lie

right there in the bed

or to get out and see the world


eventually I plead guilty I say

i could really have stayed in that bed all day

for the warm fluffy pillow

and the cozy red blanket

were just what I needed

this cold winters day

but instead i walk

along the path to to the school

falling asleep

starting to blink


if only

i could keep my self...


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