October 14, 2012
By sourskittles BRONZE, Euclid, Ohio
sourskittles BRONZE, Euclid, Ohio
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The tongue is anchored, only able to slur,
The lips pressed together, forced never to utter a word,
And the eyes that once yearned for color in childhood, are now poisoned with gray,
Too much confined to distinguish the luminescence of the day,

A traveler that struggles through a phase, to which there seems no end,
Tripping in the pits past journeyers have dug,
Too blurry to notice the road traveled on, and too dark to see what lies ahead,
Merely seeking a place to rest his head,

However, the boy cannot leave the beaten path,
Unless he stops to think, but does not act,
Many pits has the young traveler surmounted,
The number of holes left uncounted,

Never learning the lesson each pit tries to tell,
Nor correcting the mistakes of predecessors who suffered abashment,
The young traveler continues to fall in every hole,
Hankering to find the end, but never reaching his goal,

All alone he searches for a light, or a figure that will deliver him from this terrifying fright,
But when the radiant angels don't care to share their glow,
And the demon devil does not seem to answer the traveler's agonizing plea,
His mind basks in thought and selfishly wonders --"Why me?",

The traveler now looks toward a pit, which he has struggled to overcome,
The pit is now dug deeper from the panicky pounding of his own feet,
Only now does he reckon of the travelers to come,
Having to battle twice as hard to escape their glum,

Perceiving an empathy deep down in his chest,
The juvenile feels sorrow for the people to travel next,
And as his eyes begin to see color and his tongue is unleashed,
The boy recognizes his faults and the faults of the deceased,

Bellowing in euphoria, for his tongue was set free,
The minor looks up and spots the darkness has cleared,
With the dazzling sun to guide him, the traveler ran,
And dodging every pit, he slowly changed from a boy to a man.

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