My heart

October 14, 2012
By Patricia99 BRONZE, Moses Lake, Washington
Patricia99 BRONZE, Moses Lake, Washington
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Your loved more than you'll ever know by someone who died to know you.
~Romans 5:8

I gave you my heart with out holding back. You've taken it without thinking, its in your hands. "Take it," I say "your all I think about." So now, you have it right there, you treasured it. You made it a part of you. You brought so much hope into it. You brought it to life.... You took advantage and now you have it somewhere in the corner played with, shattered and completely lost. You wont bother to look.. It wont come back on its own. It can't find its way back home... And I cant find it myself.. I need an emergency call to heaven. I need a call!! I thought I've payed for the price??....There's more?? What can possibly make me think suicidal thoughts? What am I paying for now? I need an answer... I need someone... I need my heart... I can hear my heart screaming.. Its cold, stuck. Its left alone in the dark left on the street in a dark, dark alley... Its lying there bundled up with trash. I desperately need it. As I'm sitting here its as if I have no soul.. Have no life and no hope. Come like you promised God? I've been patiently waiting.. Open your gates, open ur heart.. Let me in, once again. Take me away, take my soul off the face of the earth. I'm weak. Bring me home.. Please. . . . If you won't take my life, you'll leave me no choice but to take my own. Don't make me do it... Hell is not my home. I need my heart, I need you. But you've found someone else.. You've taken someones Heart.. And completely forgot about mine.. You talk about how Gods love is greater than the sea. That Gods a healer. That he replaces our life's... Well where's my heart? Where's my peace? Where's MY healer?.. Where's my life?. . I don't need a reminder.. I know your there.. But what are u doing just watching? Take me up there with you. Take me with the people I miss. The ones that had my heart and treasured it there intire life's.. I feel like crying.. I'm braking. I'm falling and falling.. Won't you catch me? Won't you lend me a hand? Oh, wait your to busy with someone else.. Will you do the same with there heart? Or was this a game created just for me? I'm still falling.. And falling... I look forward to the day when my fall comes to an end. . I look forward to whatevers at the end of the everlasting dark tunnel. Because whatever is down there.. Will bring an end to all my misery. And I hope you'll be there to see what your game caused.. To see how you played with my life and heart. So you can realize that I didn't joke when I told you I loved you. That I said it with all my heart.. And you would know because you had it in your hands.. Then you decided to let it slip away. And at the end of that tunnel I hope you realized what you caused, what you took the day I gave you my heart.. And when you realized all of this you'll want to give my heart back.. Sure try to.. But will giving my heart back after I hit the hit end of the tunnel revive me? It won't be till I hit.. That you'll actually go looking for my heart. You'll run and run and once you've found it partly holding itself together. You'll sprint towards me and give it back.. But it won't work. My heart is missing too many pieces. You won't be able to fix what you caused.. Because my heart was giving to you.. And not meant to be played with.

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Inspiration... My heart

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