October 9, 2012
“DANCE!” We let the music play and let the sounds
Fill our ears, knowing we would have a ringing hangover
After tonight. There were arms up in the air, waving and
Smacking people in the face, harder than when a meteorite
Hit Hertzsprung High School. And every spacebody who was
Any spacebody was there. We were jumping
Around, high off life on Mars, fingers waving, faces smiling brighter
Than the sun. A mosh pit filled the Crater Club, and Jupiter
Jams blared through the speakers. Our feet
Pounded, pounded into the floor, switching
Between left and right as the music got faster.

I know what you’re thinking. How is this is possible with zero
Gravity? Well, when a space cadet graduates from the Academy
Of Accretion, we are granted with special suits
That represent a token of completion. But unlike Earth’s
Boring, solid graduation caps and silly tassles, we take these
with us to PAR-TAY! These allow us to jump the rope, step in palates
And dance at these crazed, irresponsible parties.
Yes, life is good in the Galaxy of Greatness.

Shuffle, shuffle, shuffle went our feet, then POWWW!
Drop to the floor. Silence rushes over the room. Only
Sandstorm beats in the background. As the music progressed
In speed, we crouched down, and swayed back and forth, back
And forth vigorously. Then, thud, thud, thud, thud….. THUDD.
We had completed a domino effect, falling on top of each other
Knocking the caboose of the line down.

We lie there for only a few moments, and then slowly rise up
in a crunches position, the music moving faster and faster.
Our legs shot into the air, and our arms balance us, and then
our legs begin paddling like they would be on an exercise bike.
Faster, faster, faster, they went like blades on a fan, and I couldn’t
even see the change in which knee came up first. The movement so
fast, I barely put any effort into it. “BAM!!!” went the techno sound,
filling the room. That was our signal, and counting to a millisecond in our
Heads, we jumped back up, our feet effortlessly meeting
The ground, our knees bent for support. Our heads went
A wobbling, back and forth and side to side and front
And back and SNAP! The head thrust down, bowing my
Entire upper body. It was a contagious effect, and that was our bow.
Then the dance was over.

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