Two Faced

October 9, 2012
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Two faced.
Like Hemlock,
You conceal your true poison.
Your pure white smile,
Your sweet caress,
Your charm,
So beautiful.
Until I looked closer,
Your rotting grin,
Your paralyzing touch,
Your shrilling voice,
Your hex,
Trapped me.

So two faced.
You’re like a black snake,
With two scaly heads.
Good and evil,
Like a cliché.
Jet black and slimy,
Coiled around me,
Squeezed the life,
From my limp body.

You are so fake,
That you’re corrupted,
From the inside out,
You’re a sickness,
That has infected me,
The Scarlet Fever.

But now, I’m healed,
And I can see clearly,
The blood on your hands,
And the crimson stains,
On my pure white shirt.
So two faced.

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