October 9, 2012
By Meggiepoo132 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
Meggiepoo132 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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Looking at her reflection in the mirror, she sees nobody.
She is a skeleton of her former self.
Just a blank face, cheeks drained of color.
Demons hide behind blood shot eyes.
White powder clings to her nose,
like snow flakes a season too early.
She emerges from the bathroom.
As she walks, her black dress shifts.
It falls off her slim shoulders,
exposing translucent skin.
It drags her down like an anchor,
pulling her closer to her fate.

Looking into the crowd of the nightclub, she sees nobody.
Darkness is her only guide.
Emerging from the shadows,
strange men reach out to her with claws.
Devilish grins spread on their faces.
Cruel cackles escape their lips.
Standing too close,
touching too much.
Alcohol and cigarettes stain the air,
filling her lungs.
It is the sour scent of confusion she knows too well.

Looking through the faces, she sees somebody.
A girl stares back at her.
Bright eyes dig into her like knifes.
She has rosy cheeks, skin glowing with life.
Her white dress clings to her strong shoulders.

Looking at the girl,
a sense of familiarity overwhelms her,
hitting her like a wave.
Before the late nights,
before the drugs
and before the parties.
The girl reminds herself of what she used to be,
like looking at a reflection in the mirror.

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