Kentucky Rain

October 9, 2012
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She added on to peoples
Building decks and roofs.
Switching from site to site,
a fast worker.
Her main site full of dirt and debris.
The hot sun rises in the horizon showing
the amazing view of the farm her work site was on.
Rolling hills of grass freshly dewed,
and horses roaming around.
Three black puppies play as she works with her group.
A fat pig hobbles around, greeting her with a snort.
It was scorching hot there.
At the work sites, she wanted to feel the
hard soft pellets of rain, hitting her skin,
cooling her down.
The sweet hard smell of sawdust burnt her nose.

Heat struck.
you could see her face creating sweat. She hated working,
but told people she loved it.
All she needed was rain, she told people,
to chill off her hot face.

Sweat dripped on her hand,
but it wasn’t sweat. It was rain!
Everyone screamed with joy,
as the rain pounded down,
hitting the ground softly.

her leader jogged slowly to the blue electric power saw.
Grabbing it and protecting it from the rain,
he rushed to the truck.

Fear then crossed her mind.
As her work group huddled under
the tin roof they proudly built,
she remembered that storms in Kentucky,
were always hideous.
They just had tornados roll through a month ago!
It was perfect chaos.

Her leader had told the group,
“We have nothing but time.” But
that was before the rain came down.
The quiet sounds of terror rolled through the group,
The site, now covered in thick gooey mud,
toads hopping around, and the almost black sky.
They feared that they wouldn’t finish the job,
and no one had radar.

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