A Moment Lost In Time

October 9, 2012
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The air so thick and moist, it was patronizing.
The ravishing grumble from the pianos
Had brought everything to life
The flutes,
Played a sincere note, as if they were whispering their
Secrets of untold memories.
The forlorn trumpets
Drove the treble bass,
That sung of its sweet muse,
To the climax.
The conductor,
Who was grasping his last few strands of pallid hair,
Told a solemn story of lost love
With his expressions.
He revived me from my own tempest and
Brought me to his.

The beams from the stage lights were heating up my seat.
I felt as if I were in a sauna,
But the sounds were beautiful.

With an abrupt jolt the music stopped.
The curtains had crept open while I was entranced
In the sound.
There was this lady
She seemed heftier than I.
A rosy pink dress had made up her ensemble.
She was singing,
A beautiful harmony of love.
Her words dripped from bright red lips,
Never once unleashing any flaws.
So perfect, my eyes began to run.

All of a sudden, two men,
Much larger than she,
Stole her away with their own drum beat.
Their muscles bulged out of their snug costumes.
They wore black, velvet.
With a hold stronger than the heart of an Ox.
For the lady was kicking,
But not once did she lose sign of her song.
They were impossible to decipher from the dark
Beads of sweat attacked my palms,
As if I dived into a pool, hands first.
I was anxious.

The music began, much more intensified than before.
The chorus began to release their talent,
Malicious army’s had come and they fought long and hard.
The men were of no certain age, but they were mighty.
The auditorium reeked of sweat,
From the mammoth like men fighting.
It had made the whole thing seem so real.
I can guarantee
This quizzical escapade, will not soon be forgotten.

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