the magic of the forest

October 9, 2012
By mats... BRONZE, Ajmer, Other
mats... BRONZE, Ajmer, Other
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the wilderness of my wild dreams
of my instincts oceans deep

the spectral silence
and spine chilling appalling darkness
howls, growls and screeching sounds
the cool, free breeze
pierces my skin
bones, it overtakes
sounds worsen
adrenaline rushes
my heart thumps, gasping
i hit a rock
ropes of blackness
tie up my nerves
i stumble into the ocean of sleep

chirp-chirp the sound breaks through my ears
the morning sun cuts through the ropes of darkness
taps on my eyelid with a soft ray
a whiff of breeze blows away all the pieces of the ropes
fragrance of the blossoms kindles my desire to live
like a chick
breaking through its shell
as if reborn
i break free...

the forest now...
is my freedom

where the birds flutter
unbound they fly free

where the rivers ripple,roll freely
all through their own way
with no dams, no stay

where the trees mellow in their sweetness
as blooms follow

where the butterflies come far from the continents
just to dwell on the familiar tender leaves of the glossy grass

where i can strive just to be me, self, myself
where there are no guides, no roads
no doyens, no charters
and no customs to follow

where i can scream my throat out
where i can let my tears show
my melancholy, my rage, my chortle and my pain

where there is no mockery, no castigating, taunting or blaming
no rushing cars, no noisy sirens....

where i am of my own, into the wild
and the best, its boundless...

everyday i live through a forest
fierce, forceful and frightening
due to the apathy of the men around

every night my sleep begins
with the nightmare of the forest
put together by cement and tar

every moment i crave for that magic
which the forest was- dense with shades of green
with subtle dance of supple twigs
surreal, yet so real...
where serenity and softness reign
and unpredictability grows into suspense.

The author's comments:
this is something i feel for the forest, for the haphazard and noisy place we live in today.....

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