October 8, 2012
with words unspoken,
i am not afraid to walk this world alone.

his body dances across my blank page.
i could write it all down in words, you know.
each crack and crevasse.
each aching letter twirling through my brain.
only strung along to make something better.

we could lie for hours.
eye to eye.
hand to hand.
arm connected with a waist in between.
listening to his deep sigh.
cool breath chilling my every bone.

shaking fingertips tickle the back of my neck.
steady hands running through quirky, curly,
tangled mess of hair.

a hummingbird's heart beats 1,260 times per minute.
the time spent frozen in this moment together
makes me feel like i should
grow wings and
fly away.
free fall into the air.
letting atmospheric waves carry me off to sleep.

swaying softly, with this sweet lullaby, we'll soar.
i'll see you in my dreams
up in the air, we're not afraid.

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