What Occurs Within

October 8, 2012
By Keetles96 BRONZE, Mentone, California
Keetles96 BRONZE, Mentone, California
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The only thing to fear is fear itself

-Franklin D. Roosevelt

My love for you in undying. Every time I gaze into your deep forest eyes, the breath escapes my lungs. Not is it until I am once again fully aware of your entire presence that the air fills the lungs beneath my breast once more. The passion I have for you is silently set free with every breath I take, and it is in those minuscule moments at which I hear nor feel anything but the drum which lay in my chest and yours, as well as the jet turbine which escapes between my lips as the passion is freed once again. Your slightest brush against my skin causes vines to burgeon across my entire surface, enveloping me in God's sweetest gift, an angel that was sewn by his hand instilled with a heart of one-thousand stallions, and a mind with more knowledge than one-thousand scholars, and kindness with love only remotely comparable to His. It is this that I have been given which is inhuman. It is the paranormal spirit which causes me to thrive every single moment of my life. If only you knew you meant this much to me. As much as I have confessed my deepest passion and desires, it always deems insufficient to the true grace and aesthetics which I find hidden and lurking within those forest eyes.

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