Staring Across the room

October 8, 2012
By alicabrera SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
alicabrera SILVER, Dexter, Michigan
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Staring across the room
I can see her trying
But deep inside
I know shes dying
Behind her beautiful smile
I know shes lying
Pretty pretty girl
Just stay with me now
Don’t pull the trigger
Don’t let them bring you down
The rumors that whisper through the halls
I know they aren’t true
Don’t give up yet
I believe in you
Yea im jus tone guy
It may not make a difference
But Im sure as heck gonna try
Ill hold your hand
Ill wipe your tears
I promise you
Ill always be here
If they see me with you
Maybe others will start to see
That one person can make a difference
Even if its me

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