Tell Me What It’s like to Be Normal Again

October 17, 2012
By BiteYourLipAndFakeIt SILVER, Johnstown, New York
BiteYourLipAndFakeIt SILVER, Johnstown, New York
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I wake up and drag myself out of bed
“I really don’t want to go…”
The first words that come to my mind
It’s hard to get dressed, I keep gaining weight
“Why should I even bother going? I look like a freak.”
That’s all I ever think…

My anxiety grows as the bus nears the school
But at this point, I have no escape
It feels like they’re all looking at me
I feel like they’re all making fun of me…
But it doesn’t matter…
I don’t really have friends,
Just acquaintances…
I’m not normal anyways…

I feel all alone in this little town…
I feel like I don’t belong.
But you keep holding on,
You don’t want to let go…
And this I thank you for,
But hate it all the same.
Because all I want to do is leave,
Runaway some place far…
I want to escape from this dreaded fear,
But what I fear most is the curtain of darkness that will never lift.

But when I’m with you,
I feel much better.
The warmth of your arms around me,
Helps lift this dark curtain.
You love me as I am
And you protect me from myself.
So please, don’t let me go.
I need you to help me,
To tell me…
What it’s like to be normal, again…

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