A Beach of Things

October 17, 2012
By SrDeVine GOLD, Sacramento, California
SrDeVine GOLD, Sacramento, California
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Memory is a stretching beach for me
Placed at the edge of some dark sea
Where water washed up things to be
Where hand in hand I walk with thee
But now as I stroll past the past
Where forever didn’t even seem to last
I let the sand sink you deeper and deeper
Till a cluttered beach becomes clearer

Things get fuzzy as they’re covered in sand
I push mounds higher up with my hands
And scatter your notes out to the wind
For its funny to me how long it’s been
For how long I’ve let them stay here
I keep my memories sealed in jars and cans
Until one day I remember again
Why it was I had brought them
I’ve even brought a bench for eating there
Where everyone sits and has their own chair

They sit and quote things they said
And I keep them there to remember them

I skip stones by myself
Carved with the names of everyone else
I keep many tools and things I’ve seen
Sitting loudly still out at the beach
There’s still much room for much more
Rusting to antiques
Becoming unique
Sinking in the sand in the obscure

I keep my car there for its full of memories
It’s been simply quite terrible to me
I’ve got a night stand at the water’s edge
Where the tide laps along the fringe
Soaking into the wood and swelling
A phone strains on it always ringing
A bunch of glass orbs rest on books
Making mosaics on the castle it overlooks

And even if they’re useless to my friends
I keep them there to remember them

A bike tire sticks out from when I was young
But I never road it and it so it has sunk
I scratched words in the sand you’d said
So that they’ll never leave my heart
Behind me people stand where I let go
I left some without letting them know
That memory is a beach just at sunset
Where the faded sink and important sit
I’ll take you to this beach someday
We’ll run we’ll let go we’ll swim we’ll play
I’ll stand and smile as I feel the spray
Of the oceans beauty and futures parade

And though this may mean nothing to you
A beach is where I see us two
And though the sand sinks the more the sun sets
There’s many things I haven’t brought there yet

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how i remember things

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