October 16, 2012
By Miranda Mason BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Miranda Mason BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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I have very deep feelings for an amazing man
I thought he and I had finished our relationship
When we broke up

But as life goes around
And we started to repair what we had
I realized and maybe he did too
That our relationship was really good

Even now when we talk
I get the butterflies I once had
But he can’t know how I feel
For if he knew, it could kill our friendship

I have never felt this close
And connected with another, even family
He has something and means something
Special to me, I can’t begin to explain

He has this ability
To keep a smile on my face
When I hear his laugh
I can’t describe it anymore than that

I don’t want to admit
Because then I could be crazy
But I think that after all
I still love him with my full heart

At the sight of his name
When he calls
I get a smile, that I can’t resist
I don’t think I could stand the thought
Of losing him

Have you ever thought
Maybe all you needed
Was maybe a break
And to see others
To realize who you really love?

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