I Am Poem

October 16, 2012
By Afabela12 BRONZE, Palm Desert, CA, California
Afabela12 BRONZE, Palm Desert, CA, California
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I am Alexandra.
I see soccer balls kicked at me from every each way.
I hear the joyful yells from the other team when i fail.
I feel like a hero when i succeed while the other team feels despair.
I am Alexandra.

I dream of the Olympic Field as a beautiful Battlefield.
I worry of an injury that will hold me back from my dream.
I want to be the best i can, like my Idol Hope Solo.
I hope to one day be living my dream
I am Alexandra
I understand i will encounter some challenges.
i try to make the right choices on & off the field.
I say i will, but i need to prove it.
I touched the gloves, and the dream began.
I am Alexandra

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