Behind Closed Doors

October 16, 2012
By saarahlovee BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
saarahlovee BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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She's sick of being that person,
Another blurry face passed in the hall.
He walks past- not a word passed between their lips.

She smiles, he ignores.
She waves, he forces a fake smile.
His friends laugh, he joins in halfheartedly.

Behind closed doors, he says three little words she wants to hear:
"I love you"

But is love that is true, is innocent, is pure, meant to stay behind closed doors?

She cries herself to sleep at night.
She wishes everything will be okay.
Everything is right, everything is wrong.

He goes out on different dates every night.
New place, new girl, new I love you.
No concern for those striking blue eyes, full of tears.

Her heart is broken,
there's no way to fix it.

He uses every girl he sees.
The blue eyes on his mind, pushed to the back.
No care for her heart, reputation is everything.

She is taken for granted.
She's another one of his toys.
She doesn't mind as long as he feels loved.
Never to be known,
never heard,
never seen.

Screams and cries won't be heard or pitied.

The fake smiles unreavelaed no tears shone to anyone.

She's broken, he's okay.

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