October 16, 2012
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Philippines, simple yet spectacular in its beauty.
My love for this country exhorts me to embrace and
Love my surroundings even more. A mixture of happiness
And depression fills my conscious mind as its
Gaining awareness that this phenomenal experience
Is temporary.
As I relax on the beach, the sand twirls with the wild wind.
The smell of tropical mango drinks substitutes the soft smell of
Pancakes and syrup. Little children running around in
Groups like a colony of ants. People in different races are taking
Delight in the foreign soil in which they are strangers to.
Families are scattering on the golden hot sand,
They are the stars that lightens the earth on a starry night.
It is a sizzling summer day and all I can do is attempt to enjoy it,
But in the midst of my relaxation I came upon a repulsive view.
A set of teenagers are littering the beautiful beach.
Throwing garbage in the water, they did so without shame.
Condemning such juvenile actions, I without hesitation
Wanted to prevent it from reoccurring.
This is an experience I will never forget and I know that from this day
On I will not be living with regret. Once I leave this place
I will no longer be in a state of contentment because this place gives
Me pleasure. Philippines is a great place to be, its like living
In heaven with a cup of tea.

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