October 16, 2012
As I look into the distance I see a great pool of life.
Sitting there just waiting to be swum in.
I sit and pant like a dog as I struggle from the heat,
and push myself to move forward.
I’m on a Journey, a journey to find who I am
My every intention Is telling me who I am Is not what I want to be,
and what I want to be is not exactly who I am, Nor Someone I will ever become.
I’m broken, falling apart, As If I was a broken mirror, With millions of shattered pieces,
And those pieces, need to be put back together. This Self image I see is nothing more than
pain. Always hurting, and misunderstood.
I’m alone, this empty house surrounding me, leaving me with nothing but those pitiful
voices calling out with hopes of being heard.
In the eyes of others I’m nothing more than this perfect child, but perfect was not enough, let alone true. These walls are falling down there is nothing to support them any longer.
Behind every door, there is an untold story, Things of which others may never know.
The betrayal I have felt, has made it hard to trust, always being cautious and afraid.
I’m always misunderstood, and forgotten, repeatedly being pushed away.
I feel like this is my breaking point, I don’t want to be alone any longer.
When is it my time to be heard?
Through all this I have done nothing but hold on, only to believe there is hope for a better tomorrow.

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