The Sweet Lullaby of Darkness

October 16, 2012
By Anonymous

As the dropping of empty bullet shells hit the puddles of crimson liquid
Covering the pavement as a blanket, blood spurred from every fleshy wound
As the sirens expresses its wake up call
Disrupting what was once the quiet hallways of the town
Hiding under a blanket with the pillow over my head to keep me safe from the unknowns of the streets
But even I, as a child, understood that my protection is nothing compared to theirs.

My lullaby through the night singing on key with a few interruptions
Of cowardice thugs yelling out who they’re avenging and who has yet to seek revenge
While the cop lights, being my night light, keeping the monsters out of my closet,
However, what they did not know was the monsters were in the other room down the hall
Injecting poison into their veins without a care if I existed
Or if I did not fear the horrors of the night like a child should.

Boom! Boom! Boom! CLASH! *screams*
Hush, the rain speaks
However, it does not hush the many tears I shed when a loved one is lost
When AK-47 made sure to silence the cries of my brothers and sisters
Who never were old enough to see the sun sparkle luminous rays undressing their future of success
Or the wombs that were left wounds and weren't able to utter a nuisance
In fear of not wanting to be a parent of such young age, or nurturing a b****** child.


As the sheets that used to keep me warm at night, slowly transform into an icebox
That weighs down upon my body and crushes me as though I was suffering from an asthma attack
The music of the night is hushed as I close my eyes and pray to God that I am able to wake in the morn.

The author's comments:
I grew up in a neighborhood where you couldn't distinguish what were fireworks or gunshots until you work up in the morning. That kind of made me want to write.

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