Memories Come and Go

October 16, 2012
By Insarations SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
Insarations SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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How can I both hate and love so much?
How can I be both happy and sad at once?
Some days I wake up feeling bright as the sun
Other times it’s dark before my days begun
A pink ribbon floats in the wind and I’m thankful for my life again
A purple flower strung in my hair and I’m just glad that I still have you there
A lightning storm takes life away and now I’m too mad to even pray
A memory is lost in someones mind just when I thought we had so much time
First I’m falling in love and next I’m drowing in hate
I don’t know what to do because now all I do is argue with you
Walking through a hallway of death I cling on to my life that seems so pure
But then fall on my knees and cry because this disease holds no cure
I sing to the heavens and feel peace come over me because your love always sets me free
I’m praying again because I know there’s hope. I know there’s a way
I have the choice to make it okay
Even though I miss you there at least I’m secure knowing someone cares
Even when you’re gone I’ll still remember you always said you can’t forget something that’s important enough so I know that I’ll never forget you
I’ll be reminded everytime I look at this picture from years ago
And hold onto this memory, I hope it doesn’t go
I used to think memories were permanent and that they’d always be with me
I used to think my mind would hold everything I hear and see
But looking at you I know that’s not true
I know that not all memories last, but just a few
I will follow this rainbow and hold on to love because your love is worth more than gold
I’ll remember all the times together and al l the stories you told
I will walk in remembrance of you and hold on to my memories tight
And hopefully one day we can all win this fight
This battle of love and hate. The war between lost and found.
I’ll stand on my feet and walk on this battle ground.
I’ll be thankful for everything I have and every step I take
I won’t back down. I’ll keep being strong because although memories don’t last, your legacy lives on

The author's comments:
This poem is dedicated to my grandma who has alzheimer's disease. Hold on to your memories, because they don't last forever.

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