The Price Of Beauty

October 16, 2012
By Anonymous

She’s innocence in a mini-skirt, sweetness with a sailor’s mouth, hope with scars on her wrists.
A sun that’s gone dark like a solar eclipse.
A prayer comes out of her mouth as a kiss lands on her lips.
She’s got a bible in her hands and hands on her hips.
Man, can’t you see she’s not ready for this?
She’s only fourteen years old.
Hardly a little girl.
But you gotta remember that she’s still her daddy’s world,
And I know you know she’s vulnerable.
That’s why all it takes is three little words.
She already believes every other lie you’ve told.
But you can’t just say the love word and then leave her cold.
If you’re gonna go that far then you gotta be her hand to hold.
She’s got a heart of gold,
But you’re gonna leave her with a broken soul.
Is that the price she must pay for being beautiful?
You took her virginity and all she gets is heartache and pain.
All because of a stupid game.
For the sake of a player’s pride, another angel has been played.
Her heart was shattered so that you could get laid.
Aside from that, what accomplishments have you made?
Well, you’ve been measured and weighed,
The results came back and here’s what they said:
She’s too good for you, bro.
I just thought you should know.
I think it’s time for you to let go.
If you drop the act, she’ll stop putting on a show.
I think we all know,
She’s just a lost girl, not a worthless h*.
So, now let’s put aside the deciet,
And everyone watch while she gets back on her feet,
As you back down and accept your defeat.
The truth is, for once in your life, a player’s been beat.
The moral of my story is that the price beauty pays isn’t so sweet,
The lesson you’ve learned is one schools just can’t teach,
And the sermon you’ve heard is one preachers just won’t preach.
Now, I hope I’ve touched your heart in a place a player just can’t reach.

The author's comments:
This piece kind of has a rap feel, which definitely is not my style, but I do like the flow of it... Boys, please do not be offended. I know this is totally stereotype. I don't think that all guys are like this, but there are guys that are, and there are girls whom they hurt and I just want to be a voice to those girls.

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