Remembering A Language

October 16, 2012
By , Hilmar, CA
The things we say,
Should mean more to us,
But we overlook them.

The important things.

The way we speak,
Makes us all unique.
Different languages.
They help us all,

They matter.

Help us to communicate.
Help us to navigate.
Help us to share juicy secrets.
Help us to translate,


Our different languages,
Languages, they’re like time capsules.
They help us to pass down things.

To remember.

Or songs,
Or poems,
Or names.

Never to be lost.

Into deep, lonely, darkness,
Or screaming silence, black,


No, we must not let it slip,
From our weak, sweaty grips.
“Those words” are not just words.
They’re our identities.


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