October 16, 2012
By BarrelBabe01 BRONZE, Ellsinore, Missouri
BarrelBabe01 BRONZE, Ellsinore, Missouri
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In this day and age the young know not of love but of a feeling they get, a feeling that makes the heart soar and feel as if they have butterflies flapping around in there stomach but they do not know that that feeling doesn't last long. you can try with your might and may accomplish keeping that feeling but there is only but a chance of that. I loved hard, my first true love but as the time passed on i grew to rethink and rethink my choices, i loved him but then i didn't.My head turning, the room spinning, the stress rising of choices to make and which road i should take. Its hard for anyone when this happens but when it happens to those who have loved harder then ever before it seems to make it worse. I fell hard and maybe too fast for i am young and know not what love is. I thought i did, it seemed logical, my heart never felt like it was on cloud 9 until him, isn't that what love is suppose to do to human? but i guess it was puppy love and now my time has run out, i do not feel the same as i did then and maybe that's why i feel like i have been through the wringer and back again. my emotions toy with me, eating at my soul. the choices, the stress, the constant thinking, i feel as if my mind will not let me rest. They say follow your heart but it is hard when you feel no response to what you are suppose to trust. I think with my mind and it can't seem to make or take the stress of the choices laying on my shoulders, you can see it in my face, the heavy thinking, the constant wondering, will it ever go away? I have yet a decision to make but yet there goes my thinking again, what choice will i make?

The author's comments:
This Poem i wrote is all about the choices you face and the obstacles you face when making those decisions.

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