Stuck on you no more

October 16, 2012
By BarrelBabe01 BRONZE, Ellsinore, Missouri
BarrelBabe01 BRONZE, Ellsinore, Missouri
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As time has moved on I have learned to grow strong,
I fight off the old feelings that seem to still be there but my fight is never one that I have fully won. Our love is still there it isn't like the flame it used to be no, now it is a smoldering ember that with one gentle blow will light it back up. I seem to be stuck, stuck on old memories and times when my world was filled with laughter and the sweet smell of your cologne. When I see something that you have said to your new lover, my heart fills with anger. You say you made a mistake with your past lovers, that if you had just met her then you wouldn't have made those mistakes. Well if they were mistakes then you would have never done them. No, they were not mistakes, they are memories that we used to laugh about, memories that you used to cherish. We talked of life and love, we seemed to have everything figured out but no more. This smoldering ember has finally cooled and there will never be a chance for another flame no more. I have learned to not love you though it was a hard journey to get where I am now. I have found a new Bo and he treats me as if tomorrow will never come as, if all the memories that could be made today will be made and that those memories will last forever. For you see when one door closes the other shall open and bring such a bright light that no other can match it. So take your memories and you cruel words, for I have a man that is sent to me by god and that my dear, is the best kind of love that a woman can get. While your relationship is human mine is a holy kind of love. One where it will out shine those who have never understood the real feeling of love. My dear I wish you well because this woman has no ties with you anymore, I am forever unstuck from you.

The author's comments:
This piece is about me finally letting a old love go and moving on with my life and the finding of someone new

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