She Changed

October 16, 2012
To what disturbance has awakened you,
Awakened that demon inside your very soul.
That girl I once knew, now full of hatred.
What happened to the sweet and loving lady I once knew.
The girl who always had a smile on her face
The girl who would always laugh at the simplest things.
Something has happened,
Something must have affected your inner soul,
Someone must have hurt you to your extent.
I wonder who,
Who would do such a thing as cruel as breaking a girl’s happiness
Once happy and joyful
But now sad and joyless.
I hate seeing you this way,
I hate seeing the girl I care about feel broken
Everyday I enjoyed seeing that bright smile
I enjoyed that beautiful laugh
I enjoyed every second of every day I had with you.
Don’t feel broken because I am always going to be here
I may not be able to help as much but I am always going to be here
Cheer up
Look up into the sky and smile once again to brighten the world
Because every day is a new day
Let go of all that sadness, open your eyes and see who cares about you
And when you do, you will always see me there.
Change back into that beautiful girl I once knew
Because I know deep down inside, she’s still there
Waiting and waiting to be brought out again
Change back
Please, if it’s not for me
Then do it for yourself…

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