Who's stronger

October 8, 2012
I scream "Who's stronger?"
I already know I am, because I am, and I screamed "Who's stronger?"
The night is falling as I'm rising and That's when I reassured that I am really, really strong.

I sometimes get it wrong,
And on my own I turn it all around.
The night falls as I arise
Dang, it's not the time to cry let's rise,
And scream "who's stronger?"

I am not a cow fan,
But a burger for each child would be much better,
In the Middle East, South America, parts of Africa
And even here at home in America.
Let's drop the guns, heavy, and deadly weapons
And pick up where we left off in our kinship.
Creating meaningful relationship can only help progress,
Dropping bombs and make threats can only bring regrets
Plus make space for hatred in each other's hearts.

I know I am strong, you are, he is strong
And we all are.
Maybe we all have different potential
And if this is so, why not collect all
Our strength to defeat and conquer our bad mentalities, concepts,
and ideologies that thwart us from moving on.
At the end of the day we'll need the strength to solidifying us,
but not dividing us.

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