An Ode to my Flops

October 16, 2012
By worland BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
worland BRONZE, St. Peters, Missouri
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Here’s to you, my loving Adidas flops.
Always waiting eagerly at the door,
Ready for another adventure.
You’re always easy to deal with,
And we always get along.

Here’s to you, my understanding Adidas flops.
You never get mad when I leave with my tennis shoes.
You never get jealous when I throw my boots on.
You just wait to welcome me home,
Each and every day.

Here’s to you, my comforting Adidas flops.
When I’m having a bad day,
Or it’s just too early,
You always work perfectly with my hoodie and sweatpants.
You never judge my style.
You never question why.

Here’s to you, my supporting Adidas flops.
After a vigorous soccer tournament,
Or a heartbreaking softball game,
You’re always there to give me a break and ease my pain.
You’re always there to hold me close,
Always there to say “good job.”

Here’s to you, my loyal Adidas flops.
You never ask more out of me than what I have,
And I hope I do the same to you.
Thanks for everything, my wonderful Adidas flops.
Here’s to the love.
Here’s to the stories.

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