God's voice

October 16, 2012
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It starts slowly
with a tap, tap, tap
on my dirty clear window pane
I look out
it’s breaking midnight
Tap, tap, tap,
a slight smile
touches my lips
it was a friend calling me out
How could I resist
the impressive temptation
I open my window
a cool burning wind
blows my hair from my face
Water droplets
land all over my albino skin
Like soft kisses
I feel it,
the hard water
and stick my head
out the window
I hungrily thirst
for what I know is coming
The rain is inferior
But increasing in size.
I cup my hands
and reach out and gather
the translucent liquid
in my opaque hands
I bring my hands
to my lips,
the rain softly shoving
its way down my throat
A sudden small wave of rain,
gallops slowly
towards me shifting its direction
It’s a short stream
and it rakes my skin
but the pain feels intoxicating
It’s furious
and pounds on the rooftop,
trudging quickly through the gutter
The pounding
like a giant walking
to find and eat me
or maybe it’s the BFG
coming to give me a fantastical nightmare
It’s the witching hour
no superstitions here
The rain comes down in buckets,
but I keep my window open tight
The hateful rain is my friend.
I see the unmovable trees
weighed down by such force
and the smooth disturbed surface of the pond
A chorus of waves
brought on by rushing water
The rain comes down
in clear sheets it is
the sign that
is watching over me

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