I am one

October 16, 2012
By Delainey SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
Delainey SILVER, Clarkston, Michigan
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If you want a miricale it has to start with you.

I am one
I do not hide from fear
I find the toughest path
And I follow it

I am strong
I stand straight
I look in the face of
Pain and I accept it

I am a voice
Just one of many
A song in the night
Awakening imagination

I am proud
I have faced it all
I have given it everything
And I will not give up

I am water
I go where my path leads me
I am smooth on the surface
And inside rolling like the rapids

I am one
I follow my dreams
I listen to my heart
And I embrace my future

I am spirit
I bring energy and release
I have heart
And it will never fade

I am love
I will forgive you always
I will keep you close
And never let you drown

I am hope
I feel a new day dawning
A feeling of belief
Never forgetting who I am

I am reality
I feel scared
I feel despair
But I will live for today

I am one
I do not hide from the truth
I seek it out
And I let myself discover

I am one

The author's comments:
We are all different. We are all ourselves. I am one. This poem is showing how I try to always be myself and how I know I am unique I am one, and so are you.

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