Other Than life Suicides best Friend.

October 16, 2012
By jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
jaselisa GOLD, Greensboro, Maryland
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While i leave the Note of my Reasons,
You take the Body instead,
Read of my horrors Like the Heartache I Bleed.

An Inbreed Battle between Life And Death,
They called her name As her tears played hide and Seek,
While she was Lost in her own World she took her last breath.

They Could only Find the Remains of her Heart,
The fragment of Blood and Veins once beating she left them as a Gift,
To keep them in part,

She told them Crying
I feel Dead inside and not even lying,
Suddenly they Said
" If Only To Live Met to Live not Feel"
She asked them Truth it only got Depressing but real.
She Lived and she felt,
She Felt and she cut Not flesh But invisible scars,
She prayed to not nature, Only the God She knew The guiding Star.

Other than Life she was Suicides Best Friend,
Other than Death She could not let their Creed For her end.

She tried being a Child and A sister or Friend,
In The End they always felt she Would sooner or later become Suicides Best friend To the unknown Feelings they all held but never showed.

Like thunder they Were shocked with the power of a Boom,
Holding her close As her spirit left the Room,
Finally in peace Seeing them cry
Trying to wipe the tears as in the other Dimension They seemed to past by.
Now she is Woken Knowing in the end,
Even here in life she has Prayed Would Not End Laying She finally knows that even by living She was suicides best friend.

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